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Paul Stone Specializes In Sales And Marketing

October 10, 2015

Paul Stone is very happy to be a native of San Francisco. It is a city that he loves and which has enchanted him from the start. Paul Stone has always loved San Francisco and understands the draw for those who live outside of it. It has world class facilities, attractions, and views and there is fun to be had in just about every corner of the city. Paul Stone knows that San Francisco has some of the most interesting non-profits, hotels, and local companies in the country because he has worked with a number of them. He is proud of his connection not only to the city of San Francisco, but to some of its most iconic hotels and well respected charitable organizations.

Paul Stone has worked as a sales specialist in a variety of industries. First and foremost, though, he specializes in creating sales opportunities for his clients. If you want to increase your sales numbers as an organization in San Francisco, then you should look to emulate Paul Stone's work. He has repeatedly proven that he knows how to increase sales, regardless of what industry he is currently working in. He has worked all over the California Bay Area, but prefers to be based in San Francisco.

Paul Stone San Francisco
Paul Stone has specialized in sales, marketing, and convention services management within the hospitality industry because he has a special ability to be able to sell products and services. This is made easier by San Francisco's incredible hotels and area attractions. Paul Stone has spent many years building successful sales teams in the hospitality industry. It is a passion of his because he is very good at it and because a sales team that is working with one accord is better than the sum of its parts. During his time in the hospitality industry, Paul Stone was able to work as the Senior Sales and Convention Services Manager with Hilton Worldwide, as Regional Sales Manager with Meristar Hotels & Resorts, as Association Director of Sales and Marketing with Crowne Plaza Hotel, and Director of Sales and Marketing at the Orchard Hotel.
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